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Philomel: The Philo Journal

Philomel is a non-profit journal for the arts, founded in 1981 and published throughout the year. We seek literary essays, short fiction, epic poetry, original artwork or photography. Submissions should engage with the theme of the issue, which is deliberately chosen to permit a plurality of interpretations. Past themes can be found below. The magazine is intended for free distribution around the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, and among current and alumni members of the Philomathean Society.

View our Fall 2013 issue here!

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Philomel Fall 2013 Call For Submissions

Philomel is currently seeking submissions for its Fall 2013 issue. Our theme, A Space of One’s Own, is a meditation on space both mental and physical. We will be accepting submissions from the Penn community at large until the deadline of July 15th, 2013. For questions or submissions, please email

For more information about Philomel, please see the Philomel webpage.

From the editorial board:

“Submit, submit, submit, have your friends submit, have your enemies submit, have your classmates submit, have that cute girl sitting across the table from you at Van Pelt submit (and then get her number), submit now, submit later, submit at 2AM on Friday night, drunk submit, sober submit, submit to the authority of the State and of the Spirit, submit to God, submit to a life in poverty, submit to!”

To find out more about Philomel, email

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Submit to Philomel!

Philomel Magazine, the literary magazine of the Philomathean Society, is now accepting submissions for our upcoming Fall 2012 issue.

The theme is “Hell Imagined: Darkness of the Mind and Brain.” Submissions are open to the entire university community, and the only requirement is that they broadly address the theme. Philomel accepts fiction and prose, academic papers, poetry, and artwork.

The submissions deadline is October 14th, 2012. Submissions may be emailed to

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Spring 2009 | Philomel

…can be found here:
“Civilization: Barbarians at the Gate?”

Ann Marie Meehan
Cell H2 O

Philip Rocco Φ
Excerpts from Civilization

Lily Rogath
Pseudolus: A Critique of the Social Institution of Slavery

Allison Zuckerman
Beasts of Burden: Collapse of the Bridge
Beasts of Burden: Collapse of the Housing Industry

Devon Andersen
On ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ and the Imperial Fear of Domination

John Xi Lui Donne: (Translated by David Marcou Φ)
The Flea on a Chicken

Kojo Minta Φ
‘God of Battles’: The Genesis of British Crusade Ideology in the Great War

V. Ulea (Vera Zubarev)
Civilization & Nature in ‘Australia’

Ward A. Bungalow Φ
An Irreducible Minimum of Meaning

Editor-in-chief: Martyn Rush Φ (SAS ‘09)

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Spring 2010 | Philomel

…can be found here:
Be a Realist: Demand the Impossible!

Karolina Ensor
Where the Wild Things Are Freudian

Leo Genji Amino
Collection of Poems

Sam Bieler Φ
Nation At War

Nantina Vgontzas

Anne Huang
Variability of Play Experience in ‘Hamlet’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Leo Genji Amino
Ironical (Critical) Exercise

Andrew Kincaid Φ
The Black Flag Republic:
The Pirate Anti-Nation as a Critique of the Modern World

Editor-in-chief: Aro Velmet Φ (SAS ‘10)

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Fall 2009 | Philomel

…can be found here:
Past Conceptions of the Future


Michael Tague
H.G. Wells and the Failure of Memory

Peter Manda
Finance in the Inner City

Sam Bieler Φ
The Face of War

Paul Mitchell Φ
Dreams of a Totalitarian Tomorrow

Fernanda Dobal

Joshua Matz Φ
Re-Conceiving Transcendentalism:
Emerson, Parker, Brownson and Visions of Social Reform

Rivka Fogel
the mark

Ross Lipton
Of Gods and Glaciers

Editor-in-chief: Emily Kern Φ (SAS ‘12)

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