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The Philomathean Art Gallery

Established in 1963 by Moderator Jack Gillmar ’65, the Philomathean Gallery continues to regularly host exhibitions, theatre performances, film screenings, and recitals serving the Penn and Philadelphia community. In the 1980s, the Philomathean Gallery was the third most visited gallery in Philadelphia. Created with the intention of expanding students’ knowledge and awareness of the wider world of art both within and without the campus, the Gallery continues to hold true to its promise.

The Art Gallery is located in the Philomathean Halls on the fourth floor of College Hall, overlooking the Benjamin Franklin Statue.

The Art Gallery is a flexible space that has been host to cartoonists, sculptors, U.N. ambassadors, extracurricular groups, PAFA students, Hillel, photography classes, deans, and more. Gallery usage is available to anyone, professionals, students, and professors alike. A plan of the gallery can be found here. For inquiries, please contact the Gallery Director for details.

Some exhibits held over the decades include:

  • The Colors and Delicacy of the Japanese print featuring works by Kunisada et al
  • The Prints of Odilon Redon
  • Lithographs by Glenn O'Coleman
  • The Art of Honore Daumier
  • Medieval Manuscripts & Incunabula
  • Goya etchings
  • Willem de Looper
  • Tibetan Tankas
  • Bartolomeu dos Santos
  • Al Hirschfeld: theatre drawings
  • Watercolors by Wang Chi-Yuan
  • German Expressionism: Lithographs, woodcuts, and etchings by Barlach, Bechmann, Dix, Grosz, Klee, Kirchner, Kokoscha, Nolde, Perchstein, Rohlfs.
  • The Photography of Edward S. Curtis
  • Ten West Philadelphia Artists
  • Ben Shahn, "For the Sake of a Single Verse"
  • Frank Kelly Freas, "Science Fiction Art"
  • Illustrations by Tony Auth
  • The Architectural Drawings of Paul Philippe Cret
  • The Daedalus Quartet performs Schubert, Korngold and Smetana
  • DEPARTURES featuring photographers of the Daily Pennsylvanian
  • CONFUSION & CLARITY: Philadelphia through an African Eye
  • What was the Philadelphia School? An Architecture Exhibit
  • Taiwanese Society Gala
  • Paintings by Ibiyinka Alao
  • The Fantastical World of Marwane Pallas
  • PennDesign Babble Magazine, "On Models"