Wine Class

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Fall 2018 Wine Class

Individual tickets, register here. Group tickets/questions, contact

Back by popular demand, the Philomathean Society is reinstituting its annual wine class!

The members of the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania invite you to join us in our Fall 2018 Wine Tasting Course, led by Mr. Ron Marsilio, a sommelier with over three decades of experience in the food and wine business. We recommend attending as many classes as you can since they all cover different topics and will cover different kinds of wine.

Dates: 18-Oct-2018, 25-Oct-2018, 08-Nov-2018, 15-Nov-2018, 29-Nov-2018 (all Thursdays)

Time: Doors open at 8.00 pm, class from 8.30 to 10.30 pm

Venue: Halls of the Philomathean Society, 4th Floor, College Hall

Price: $35/ ticket, $30 if you buy 10 or more tickets

Eligibility: All participants must be 21 years of age (at minimum 3 days prior to the event) or greater


For terms and conditions visit the individual tickets link above.

Session 1 | 18 Oct, Thursday:

  • The importance of place in grape growing
  • The construction of and the components in wine
  • Label reading
  • Palate evaluation and the Zen of tasting
  • How to taste wine like a pro
  • Wine and food tasting

Session 2 | 25 Oct, Thursday:

  • In depth study of “light-bodied” wines
  • The importance of acid in wine
  • Evaluating the simplest of wines
  • Tasting and food pairing

Session 3 | 8 Nov, Thursday:

  • A look at “medium-bodied” wines
  • The roll of weather on the outcome of wine
  • An in depth comparison of Old & New World wines
  • Tasting and food pairing

Session 4 | 15 Nov, Thursday:

  • A treatise on “heavy-bodied” wines
  • The role of Malolactic Fermentation and tannin
  • Oak treatment and Batonnage
  • Tasting and food pairing

Session 5 | 29 Nov, Thursday:

  • Champagne, Sparkling and Fortified wines
  • Differing carbonation methods
  • History and role of sparkling wines
  • Fortification methods and history
  • Sparkling & Port tasting with food pairings