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What is a Philm?

A Philm is a Film shown by Philo. Founded in 2002, the Philomathean Society Philm Committee screens esoteric films to help satisfy the tastes of culture-hungry Penn students. Film selections include a variety of foreign productions, documentaries, and philosophical investigations, and are often accompanied by professors who speak on particular elements of interest following the screening.

What philms will be delivered this semester? When will they be?
Philms are typically held in the evenings, after classes. Past and upcoming Philms are posted below; for a complete schedule sign up to Hebdo, our weekly email list.

Who can come to Philms?
Like all Philo events, philms are open to all members of the community – faculty, staff, students, and the public.

Where are philms held?
All Philms, unless otherwise advertised, are held in the meeting room of the Philomathean Halls on the fourth floor of College Hall. To access the Halls, use the staircase directly across from the elevator.

Who should I contact if I have questions about Philms?
For questions, email the Second Censor.