Annual Oration

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The Annual Oration

The highlight of the Society’s academic year, the Annual Oration is an address to the campus community from a prominent public intellectual organized by the Society and usually featuring the co-sponsorship of multiple university departments, offices, and student groups. We are attempting to collect details of all of the Society's past AOs; if you know of errors and omissions in the below list, please contact the Senior Reviewer.

Some previous Orators have included:

2018: Michael Gazzaniga, on "The Consciousness Instinct"

2017: Jane Goodall, on her life and work

2016: John Mearsheimer, “The Failure of US Policy in the Middle East”

2015: Sylvia Nasar, “The Revival of Marxism”

2014: Julian Treasure, "How to be Heard"

2013: Richard Dawkins, "Proof, Science, and Skepticism"

2012: Gary Kasparov, "Applying Chess Decision-Making to Life"

2011: Jared Diamond, “Why Societies Fail or Choose to Succeed”

2010: Judith Butler, “From Performativity to Precarity”

2009: Stanley Fish, "What Professors Should and Shouldn't Do in the Classroom"

2008: Daniel Dennett, "From Animal to Person: The Role of Cultural Evolution"

2007: Vali Nasr

2006: John Lukacs

2005: Malcolm Nance

2004: Arthur Miller

2003: Salman Rushdie, on his life and work

2001: Brian Greene

2002: Joe Klein

2000: Fareed Zakaria

1990: Joyce Carol Oates, "Family"

1978: Tony Auth

1974: Andrew Sarris, "The American Cinema"

1972: Susan Sontag

1968: Nat Hentoff, Is There Life Before Death?”

1966: Prof James MacGregor Burns, “Increase Planning”

1957: Hans Morgenthau

1956: Clyde K.M. Kluckhohn, “The Antropology of Russia”

1955: Henry Steele Commager

1888: Hampton L. Carson

1845: Henry Gilpin, “Enthusiasm”

1840: George Bethune, “Work”

1838: Prof. William Brad Reed, “The American Revolution”

1836: Thomas M. Pettitt, “Education”

1832: James C. Biddle, “The Real Patriot”

1827: Joseph Ingersoll, “The Value of a Study of the Classics”

1826: George Bacon Wood

Annual Orators of unknown dates include:
Joe Klein
Hon. George Sharswood
Lincoln Eyre
John Ciardi
Ayn Rand
Andrew Sullivan
Camille Paglia
Margaret Mead
Jerzy Kosinski
C. Everett Koop
William Styron
George Plimpton