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Philo Alumni Resources

Please note that the resources described below are reserved exclusively for senior and nominal members of the Philomathean Society. Unsure if you’re a Senior or Nominal Member? Check out our vaguely comprehensive list of every Senior and Nominal Member since 1813.

Receive Ex Post Philo
The Society produces a newsletter for Senior Members, entitled Ex Post Philo, three times a year. Ex Post Philo contains news of the Society and of Senior Members, and announcements for upcoming public and Senior-Member-Only events. If you’re very lucky, we might also slip in some bad poetry.

In order to sign up to Ex Post Philo, you must update your Alumni profile on QuakerNet. Go to “My Profile”, “My Involvements”, and select “Philomathean Society.” Your preferred email on QuakerNet will be the email to which Ex Post Philo is directed.

Senior Member Facebook Group
Thanks to improvements in carrier pigeon technology, Facebook has a new group infrastructure that allows for members to join who are unaffiliated with the Penn network. Thus, if you have a facebook profile, please join your fellow Philos on our own Philo group!

Visit Philo During Alumni Weekend and Homecoming!
The Society holds a reception in the Philomathean Halls for Senior and Nominal Members, as well as their friends and families, from 12pm to 4pm on Homecoming Saturday and the Alumni Day Saturday each and every year. Beyond these receptions, we are always delighted to see Senior Members at any of our regularly scheduled meetings or other events.

For more information, please contact the Alumni Chairperson or the Moderator.