Rolls of Graduates and Honorees

Alumni Center

More than 2,000 individuals have been elected to membership in Philo, served diligently in the Society (giving lectures, donating books, and serving on Committees), and have accordingly been recognized as Senior Members of the Society by the granting of the Philomathean Diploma. You can find the names of our many graduates, as well as lists of other notable Society personages, at the links below.

Roll of Senior and Nominal Members
Short of the final fizzling of the mortal coil, membership is largely eternal. After leaving the University, Philo members become Senior or Nominal Members. Their names are noted here.

Roll of Honorary Members
The Society has since its inception reserved to itself the power to recognize individuals who exemplify its ideals as Honorary Members. You can find an incomplete list of these honorees here.

Notable Alums
Names are kind of boring, so we found some of the more colorful or notable Senior Members and wrote up brief bios for them. Enjoy!

Roll of Moderators
At the end of every semester, on the Eighth meeting, the incumbent Moderator recites the name of every individual who has held the Society’s highest office since its foundation in 1813, ending with the newly elected one.