Honorary Members

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Honorary Members of the Philomathean Society

Persons with a discipline in parens were members of the University standing faculty at the time of induction with a primary appointment in the department listed. This list is sorted by date of induction and is incomplete. Calendar dates of induction, if known, are included in square brackets. Note that the Society only required the physical presence of the honoree for induction after 1867.

Date Unknown
Rt. Rev. William White, D.D.
Marquis de Lafayette
George Washington Lafayette
Hon. John Andrew Shulze
Rev. Robert Blackwell, D.D.
George Fox
Hon. Horace Binney, LL.D.
Thomas Cadwalader
Charles Chauncey, LL.D.
Hon. John Sergeant, LL.D.
Hon. Joseph Hopkinson, LL.D.
Robert Walsh, Jr., LL.D.
Hon. Joseph R. Ingersoll, LL.D.
Hon. Bicholas Biddle, LL.D.
Hon John Quincy Adams, LL.D.
Hon. William Wirt, LL.D.
James Gibson
Edward Burd
William Rawle LL.D.
Hon. William Tilghman, LL.D.
William Meredith, Esq.
Bengamin Chew
Rev. Rederick Beasley, D.D.
Robert M. Patterson, M.D., LL.D.
James G. Thomson
Samuel B. Howe
Joseph P. Engles
Robert Patterson, LL.D.
James Wiltbank, D.D.
Nathaniel Chapman, M.D.
Philip Syng Physick, M.D.
Caspar Wistar, M.D.
Thomas C. James, M.D.
John R. Coxe, M.D.
William P. Dewes, M.D.
Eugenius Nulty
Joshua P. Slack
Rev. James P. Wilson, D.D.
Garret Van Gelder
William E. Horner, M.D.
Robert Hare, M.D.
John Bayard
J.S. Davidson
William Gibson, M.D.
Zaccgeys Collins
Peter S. Du Ponceau, LL.D.
Thomas Say
Hon. Thomas Duncan
William P.C. Barton, M.D.
Rt. Rev. William H. Delancey, D.D.
Rev. Jacob Janeway, D.D.
John Sanderson, A.M.
Robert Adrain, LL.D.
Rt. Rev. Henry U. Onderdonk, M.D., D.D.
Samuel Jackson, M.D.
Philip H. Nicklin
Hon Charles F. Mercer
Augustus De Valville
John C. Lowber, Esq.
Hon. Andrew Gregg
Hon. Joseph Hemphill
Edward Shippen Burd
Rev. Gregory T. Bedell, D.D.
Hon. Samuel L. Southard, LL.D.
Hon. George Wolf
Rev. Philip F. Mayer, D.D.
Benjamin R. Morgan
Robert Waln
Joseph Reed
Moses Levy
Joseph B. McKean
Rev. Edward Rutledge
Rev. Thomas H. Skinner, D.D.
Thoams Biddle
Thomas Hewson, M.D.
Thomas Kittera, Esq.
Hon. Edward Everett
Rev. Dudley A. Tyng
Rev. Thomas McAuley, D.D.
Hon. Henry Clay
Hon. Daniel Webster, LL.D.
Alexander Dallas Bache, LL.D.
Rev. Francis L. Hawks, D.D.
Rev. Theodore Wilson
Edward H. Courtenay
Hon. Joseph Ritner
Rev. James Patterson
Hon, Charles Ingersol
William Strickland
John C. Montgomery
Hartman Kuhn
Rev. Henry W. Ducachet, M.D., D.D.
C. Wallace Brooke
Richard Biddle
James Harper
Hon. George Mifflin Dallas
Franklin Bache, M.D.
R. Roswell Park
Rev. Edmund Neville
Rev. Samuel W. Crawford, D.D.
Hon. George Bancroft
William E. Whitman, Esq.
William H. Allen, LL.D.

On the occasion of the Centennial Celebration, inducted December 13
Edgar Fahs Smith – Provost of the University 1911-1920
Dr. William Romaine Newbold (Philosophy)
Dr. John Bach McMaster (Philosophy)
Dr. Clarence Child Griffin (English)
Dr. William Ezra Lingelbach (History)

[June 1] John Frederick Lewis – In recognition of abundant kindness rendered

[May 21] Dr. Walter Woodburn Hyde (Greek)

[April 20] Dr. Rodney Howard True (Botany) – Director of the Botanical Gardens
[May 4] Dr. Percey Van Dyke Shelly (English)

[April 5] William H. Du Barry – Assistant to the Provost

[March 14] Dr. Edward L. McKenna (Insurance)
[March 14] Dr. Domenico Vittorini (Romance Languages)

[February 13] Dr. S. Howard Patterson (Economics)
[February 27] Dr. Albert A. Schinz (French)
[December 18] Dr. William Seifriz (Botany)

[January 18] Dr. William N. Loucks (Economics)
[March 29] Richard Heathcote Heindel
[December 6] Dr. Karl Scholz (Economics)
[December 15] Dr. William Marias Malisoff (Philosophy, Physiological Chemistry)

[March 19] Dr. Harl MacDonald (Music) – Chair of the Music Department

[February 20] Dr. Adolf D. Klarmann (Germanics)

[November 4] Dr. Arthur Hobson Quinn – For services rendered re. The Masque of the American Drama; an alumnus of the Zelosophic Society.

Dr. Cecil J. Burnett (Political Theory)

In recognition of their participation in the lecture series, “The Integration of Western Culture,” inducted May 24
Dr. Marshall Dill, Jr. (History)
Dr. Elizabeth Flower (Philosophy)
Dr. Pincus Schub (Mathematics)
Dr. Alexander Ringer (Music)
Dr. Loren C. Eiseley (Anthropology) – Provost of the University 1959-1961

In recognition of their participation in the lecture series, “Asia in Perspective,” inducted May 3
Dr. Derek Bodde (Chinese Studies)
Dr. Schuyler Cammann (Chinese Studies)
Dr. F. Hilary Conroy (History)
Dr. Lloyd W. Daley (Classics) – Dean of the College 1952-1959
Dr. Norman D. Palmer (Political Science; South Asian Studies)
Dr. W. Norman Brown (South Asian Studies)

[May 9] Dr. Gaylord P. Harnwell (Physics) – President of the University 1953-1970
[May 9] Dr. Jonathan E. Rhoads (Surgery)
[May 9] Dr. Roy F. Nichols (History)

[April 10] Dr. Robert K. Bishop (Romance Languages)
[December 4] Dr. Otto Springer (Germanics) – Dean of the College
[December 4] Dr. Gerald Weales (English)

[May 5] Sanford Smith

[March 23] Dr. Glenn R. Morrow (Philosophy)
[March 23] Dr. John F. Benton (History)
[November 9] Dr. Philip M. Lockhart (English)

In recognition of their participation in the Sesquicentennial and the Shakespeare Festival, inducted March 20
Dr. Matthew Wilson Black (English)
Dr. Allan G. Chester (English)

Michael Zuckerman

I.F. Stone

Dr. Martin Meyerson – President of the University 1970-1981
Dr. Eliot Stellar (Physiological Psychology)

Dr. Arthur H. Scouten (English)

[22 March] Dr. Neda M. Westlake – Curator of the Rare Book Collection of the University

Sheldon Hackney (History) – President of the University 1981-1993, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities 1993-1997

Nicholas D. Constan, Jr. (Legal Studies) – for his services at the Philo/Whig-Clio Debate as Judge. He gave his New Member Presentation on Double Crostics, a form of puzzle that he regularly contributed to the Pennsylvania Gazette, Alumni Magazine, and presented an original puzzle to the Society. The Contest to solve the puzzle was won by Brenda Maloof C ’85.

Dr. Daniel Hoffman (English) – for his oration and participation in the Poe Sym-POE-sium, Fall ’84, and for his many services in coordination with the numerous English Department lectures and readings held in our Halls. Dr. Hoffman joins his daughter as a member of the Society, a true friend of Philo!

Thomas P Hughes – for his lecture, “The Second Discovery of America”

Dilys Winegrad – for her lecture, “Facts or Fudge: An Institutional History”
Penny Baker – for being the artist of the “Rosetta Stone”
Susan Glassman – for her lecture on Dinosaurs
[Apr. 24] Thomas Vinciguerra, M.A.

Reta Soloway – for her lecture, “Portrait of Charles Fine Ludwig, Esq.”
Michael Huber

[Oct. 11] Penny Baker
[Oct. 11] Susan Glassman – Director, Wagner Free Institute; Penn Museum Advisory Board
[Oct. 18] Mrs. Keim

Elizabeth Linck – for her contribution to the Society as a judge of the University of Edinburgh/Philomathean Society debate

Alexander Riasonovsky
Hugo F. Sonnenschein
Robert McCracken Peck
Jennifer Johnston Applegate

Dr. Michael Aiken Frederick Nahm
Norman Adler

1994 - Michael C. Ryan
Dr. Nathan Sivin (History and Sociology of Science)
Dr. Matthew Santirocco (Classics) – Dean of the College

2005 - Dr. Ronald Daniels (Law) – Provost of the University 2005-2009, President of the Johns Hopkins University 2009-Present
Dr. Amy Gutmann (Political Science) – President of the University 2004-Present

2010 - Dr. Vincent Price (Communications, Political Science) – Provost of the University 2009-2017, President of Duke University 2017-Present

2011 - Dr. Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum – Vice-Provost of University Life 1995-Present

2012 - Dr. Arthur Nelson Waldron (History)
Dr. Anne-Louise Antonoff

2013 - Dr. Janet Marie Monge (Anthropology) – Keeper of Collections, Physical Anthropology Section, University of Pennsylvania Museum

2015 - Dr. Daniel Walden (Classics)

2019 - Cheryl Jones, for services to the Society