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The Current Philomathean Society Roster

The Society’s membership consists of undergraduate students (Junior Members) and graduate students (Special Members, designated by * ) in any of the university’s 12 schools. Members who meet Philo’s criteria for graduation become Senior Members upon the completion of their time at the university. This page also notes which members of Philo currently hold positions on the Cabinet.

Officers of the 538th Cabinet

Moderator (
Daniel De Varona Brennan C'20 (History, Political Science)

First Censor (
Maria "Kia" Kiamesso DaSilva C’21 (Ancient History)

Second Censor (
Jonathan Patterson C’21

Scriba (
William San Pedro C'22 (History)

Recorder (
Ernest Ng C’22 (Economics)

Treasurer (
Aashna Jain W'21 (Business Analytics)

Librarian (
Mati Davis C'21 (Classics)

Archivist (
Ariana Kyimpopkin E'22 (Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics)

Annual Oration Director (
George Hollyer E'22 (Material Sciences)

Art Gallery Director (
Eva Karlen C'21 (History)

Members in Good Standing

Jamie Albrecht C'21
Ana Isabel Alonso LPS'20 (Master of Environmental Studies)
Jessica Araten C’20 (Art History, Political Science)
Anunya Bahanda E’20
Daniel Brennan C’20 (History, Political Science)
*Shaanan Cohney GEN'16 GR’19 ML'19 (Applied Cryptography)
Julie Coleman C'21 (English, Cinema Studies)
Maria "Kia" Kiamesso DaSilva C'21 (Ancient History)
Rodney Dailey II C’20 (English, Mathematics)
Matan Davis, C'21
Cătălina Drăgoi C'20
Nipun Dubey W'20
Cayla Einstein C'21 (Political Science)
Kamran Irfan Elahi C'22
Sydney Gelman C'20 (English)
Hoyt Gong C&W'21 (LSM; Biology, Economics)
Samuel Gordon C'21
Harrison He W’20
George Hollyer E'22
Aashna Mehul Jain W'21
Eva Karlen C'21
Baran 'Beau' Kayim C'21 (Physics)
Omar Khoury C'19 (Modern Middle Eastern Studies & English)
Ariana Kyimpopkin E'22
Reginald Lamaute C'20 (Chemistry)
Joel Sangji Lee C'21 (Cognitive Science)
Kelly MacGarrigle C'22 (International Relations)
Ernest Ng C'22 (Economics)
Amanda Ngo C&W’20 (Huntsman: Business, International Studies)
Abdullah Noaman C’20 (Physics)
*Shubhankar Patankar SEAS (PhD), Bioengineering
Jonathan Patterson C'21
William San Pedro C'22 (History)
Stefan Pophristic C'21 (Linguistics)
*Jessica Rizzo Law'21
Alejandro Scelfo C'22
Kirti Shenoy W'21 (Entrepreneurship)
Sarah Simon C'21 (Criminology)
Lauren Snyder N'21
Joseph Squillaro C'21
Beatrize Stephen-Pons C'20
Kelly Sterman C'20 (Economics)
Abhinav Suri C'19, LPS’20
Jason Tangson SEAS/SAS (Linguistics, Computer Science)
Laura Whelan C’20 (Architecture, PPE)
Jeremy Wyman C'21 (Earth Science: Paleobiology)

Members away

Joyce Hida C'21 (English)
Kate Dildy C’20 (Philosophy, Economics)