The Current Philomathean Society Roster

The Society’s membership consists of undergraduate students (Junior Members) and graduate students (Special Members, designated by * ) in any of the university’s 12 schools. Members who meet Philo’s criteria for graduation become Senior Members upon the completion of their time at the university. This page also notes which members of Philo currently hold positions on the Cabinet.

Officers of the 535th Cabinet

Moderator (
Prakash Mishra W&SEAS’19 (M&T:Risk Management and Insurance, Systems Engineering)
First Censor (
Ana Alonso C’18 (Linguistics, Environmental Studies)
Second Censor (
Laura Whelan C’20 (Architecture, PPE)
Scriba (
Jeremy Wyman C'21 (Earth Science: Paleobiology)
Recorder (
Kurt Alexander Nelson Design’19 (Evolutionary Problem Solving)
Treasurer (
Mitch Holcomb
Librarian (
Sydney Gelman C'20 (English)
Archivist (
Jason Tangson SEAS/SAS (Computer Science, Linguistics)
Annual Oration Director (
Julia Pan C'19 (Cognitive Science, Economics)

Members in Good Standing

Ana Alonso C’18 (Linguistics, Environmental Studies)
Jessica Araten C’20 (Art History, Political Science)
Ramathi Bandaranayake C’18 (Philosophy & Science; English)
Anunya Bahanda E’20
Julia Bell C’19 (English and Environmental Studies)
Deniz Beser C&SEAS'19 (Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Robotics)
Daniel Brennan C’20 (History, Political Science)
Dylan White Brown E’18 (Computer Science, Cognitive Science)
Peter Carzis C'19 (Linguistics, Classics)
Se Young Cheong C&W’20 (Huntsman: Business, International Studies)
*Joshua Christine LPS’18 (Politics, Philosophy, & Economics; Business)
Sharon Christner C’19 (Cognitive Science; Politics, Philosophy, & Economics)
*Shaanan Cohney SEAS’20 (Security Engineering)
Kieona Lauren Cook C’18 (Neurobiology)
Rodney Dailey II C’20 (English, Mathematics)
Kate Dildy C’20 (Philosophy, Economics)
Nipun Dubey W'20
Sydney Gelman C'20 (English)
Harrison He W’20
Rebecca Rose Heilweil C’18 (History)
Mitch Holcomb SEAS’20
Nicholas Todd Joyner C’19 (Communication, Cinema & Media Studies)
Naomi Kadish C'18 (Philosophy)
Maxwell Harrison Levy C’18 (PPE – Politics, Philosophy, & Economics)
Joshua Marco Lieberman C’19 (Visual Studies)
Marjorie Lorraine N’19 (Nursing)
Joseph Maggiore E’19 (Bioengineering)
John Matthews C’19 (Political Science, Economics)
Abigail McGuckin C’19 (Urban Studies)
Prakash Mishra W&SEAS’19 (M&T:Risk Management and Insurance, Systems Engineering)
Thomas Myers C’18 (English, Philosophy)
*Kurt Alexander Nelson Design’19 (Evolutionary Problem Solving)
Amanda Ngo C&W’20 (Huntsman: Business, International Studies)
Abdullah Noaman C’20 (Physics)
Thomas Myers C’18 (English)
Faith Padgett C’19 (Creative Writing, Urban Education)
Julia Pan C’19 (Cognitive Science, Economics)
*Stefano Pietrosanti GSAS’18 (Ph.D. in Economics)
Naomi Pohl C’18 (Physics, Mathematics)
Stefan Pophristic C'21 (Linguistics)
Sarah Alexandra Punzel C’19 (History)
Vijay Ramanujan C’19 (Mechanical Engineering)
*John Francis Schifalacqua Law’19 (Litigation)
Reece Todd Sisto C’18 (Urban Studies)
Jacob Stern C&W’19 (Legal Studies, Political Science, Philosophy)
Arjun Subramanyam W’18 (Finance & Political Science)
*Kelly Sullivan Med’18 (PhD)
Abhinav Suri C’19 (Computational Biology)
Rishabh Tagore C’19 (Computer Science, Economics)
Jason Tangson SEAS/SAS (Linguistics, Computer Science)
Hani Fernandez Mostafa Mohamed Abdel Warith C’18 (Political Science, Philosophy)
Laura Whelan C’20 (Architecture, PPE)
T. Patrick Wilson C’19 (Humanistic Philosophy; Politics, Philosophy, & Economics)
Lacy Wright C'18 (History of Art)
Jeremy Wyman C'21 (Earth Science: Paleobiology)

Members away

*Zach Dunn Law’19 (Government Policy & Law)
*Andrew Patrick David George Everett SEAS’21 (Electrical & Systems Engineering)
John Aggrey Odera C’19 (Philosophy & Political Theory)
Leo Page-Blau C’18 (Communication)
*Faith Roser Vet’20 (Animals)
Ha Tran C’19 (Economics)