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Φ Meeting VIII: A Sentencing

Friday, April 26 2019 11:17 PM - Saturday, April 27 2019 3:17 AM

College Hall

At 12:00 AM on September 1, 2018, Eddie Sage entered the 7-11 located on 5678 South Street in Philadelphia. He walked up to the counter and grabbed a candy bar from the countertop display. He handed a dollar bill to Cyndi, who was working behind the counter, and she rang up the sale. When the cash register opened, Sage pulled out a handgun and demanded money. He then fired one shot into the ceiling above the counter. Cyndi took out $300 in cash and gave it to Sage. He then left the store and drove away. At about 12:30 AM police stopped Sage based on the description provided in an APB describing the robbery. Sage was arrested and later charged with 1st Degree Robbery and Possessing an Instrument of Crime. On the advice of his public defender, Sage pled guilty to both charges. On account of courtroom overcrowding at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, Sage’s sentencing hearing has been scheduled to occur at the Philomathean Society during its Meeting VIII. ---------------------- Join the Philomathean Society for a sobering recreation of a sentencing hearing based upon the above (fictional) facts. Special Member John Schifalacqua (L’19) will lead a discussion on the current state of criminal sentencing and invite the audience to step into the role of the Judge to think critically about the role of justice and mercy.

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